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Building G09

85 Darlington Road 

Darlington NSW 2006


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what is the purpose
of corporate and workplace wellness?

We have all been roped into team building days and often left wondering what was the point of that?

The purpose of workplace wellness is to demonstrate to employees that their health is important. 


Employees in today’s world are heavily invested in their careers. At one time, salaries were the most important factor in retaining staff however job satisfaction, new and interesting challenges, feeling valued and the provision of work/life balance is now rightly seen as a lot more important.


Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness understand this! 

The current workplace landscape in Australia is seeing employees (regardless of business size) working longer hours and having to manage larger levels of stress than in the past. It has never been more important for businesses to provide wellness strategies to help retain their best people and ensure they are continually performing to the best of their ability.